River Rafting

1 Day


Being home to uncountable snowcapped mountains, Nepal boasts of some of the most beautiful and pristine white-water rivers. With over 6000 big and small rivers flowing across the country, there are a wide host of water sport activities available for thrill seekers. One such adrenaline-pumping experience is Rafting. While rafting is not a sport exclusive to Nepal, it certainly is one of the finest and versatile water sport activities in whole of South Asia.

Ranging from one-day trips for beginners to week-long rafting and kayaking expeditions through jungles and alpine rivers for seasoned players, the choices are limitless. There are various options and locations available for rafting in Nepal. Rafting in rivers like Trishuli and BhoteKoshi can be undertaken in one day as they are located in very close proximity of Kathmandu. However, there are also ample choice available for multiple day expeditions. You can go rafting in steep glacial river of Kali Gandaki that is streaming through the deepest gorge in the world or in the wide river basin of choppy Sun Koshi river in Eastern Nepal. In short, Nepal offers you with varied itineraries for river rafting where the grades extend from 1 to 6 and at the same time also offers exotic sighting of exotic aquatic and floral species.