Volunteering in Nepal

Of all the programs and varied destination Team Himalaya offers, we are totally committed in helping with enormous support to local rural villages and its schools providing them charity funds for the welfare which they can benefit from the donations uplifting the standard of their life and conservation its natural resources.

Team Himalaya has several volunteering programs in Nepal where all visitors can participate in helping with tremendous support to the poor areas of Nepal villages life by building or maintaining the trail, drinking water facilities, health and hygiene, construction of rundown schools etc.

As Nepal has one of the biggest problem reducing the poverty inside the country where 38% of population is still living below the poverty line and rural areas has about 70% people living below the poverty line in Nepal. Nepal as a country identifies the women, low class people and native people who are badly influenced by poverty.

Team Himalaya over the past years and at present runs volunteering service where school / collage groups can take part in our project, most of our volunteering and social works involves short hikes and trekking to the villages where it is badly need of support with whatever help we can offer to add more smile among the villagers.

Since the earthquake of 25th April and 12th May 2015 which was badly affected around the mid west / eastern Nepal, some of the villages still isolated from help from the government and other private sectors, where Team Himalaya has taken step in rebuilding schools, damaged trails and supplying with essential items required by the victims for their daily life.

For interested visitors, schools / collage and corporate people we have started a welfare fund, and volunteering programs in many areas of Nepal mid hills where you can join in our social service and volunteering work,

Depending upon your duration in Nepal a week of travel by hike or trekking for few days and rest of the days staying in the villages working with them in farm fields, helping them with water supplies from nearby source, taking a class in local schools by teaching various subjects, painting and making fences, walls of the schools and teaching new games and sports to the children, planting young tree sapling, helping with litters and garbage and so on.

For more details and information please contact us.

Our simple and basic itinerary program will be as follows:

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu with warm welcome and transfer to respective hotels, with orientation program and briefing on volunteer service in Nepal. Evening welcome group dinner in a pleasant Nepali restaurant

Day 02: Drive to volunteering area project and walk for few hours and

Day 03: Hike to the rural farm village and interact with the locals, what camp / lodge. kind of volunteer service is needed.

Day 04 – 05: Volunteer service in the villages, schools, farm fields.

Day 06: Last day in the village with remaining work to complete.

Day 07: Hike to the road head and drive back to Kathmandu.

Day 08: International departure.

Please note that the above program can be in any places on the Kathmandu valley rim or beyond, please contact us for more information and you are welcome with advice and suggestion if you are have plans and interest in some specific areas in Nepal for volunteering work.