view of beautiful scenery from chandragiri hills station

May 22, 2019

Chandragiri Hill Station is one of the most beautiful and closest hills station from the Kathmandu city which is full of green forest. It is located to the west of Kathmandu valley about 15 km from the Thamel. Chandragiri hill station with an altitude of 2552 m from the sea level which is really cool and open environment than Kathmandu city. If anyone feeling boredom in Kathmandu city then one can visit Chandragiri Hills Station and then they can feel the more freshness because of its open-air space and of its beautiful nature. In Kathmandu valley maybe you are suffering from the hot weather, air pollution, sound pollution and many more but there you can listen only the sweet sound of birds and the sound of the wind. If you are busy with your working schedule then there is no need to go the mountain for hiking and trekking because from the Chandragiri Hills Station you can do hiking as well as to see the soaring peaks and breathtaking beautiful mountains views. From where one can see also the evergreen Siwalic hills all the directions. If the weather is clear then, one can see another tourist destination Daman hill Station, Kulekhani dame as well as the Chitlang village. When you visit the Chandragiri Hills Station you feel like just like traveling the whole mountains of Nepal.

Whenever you visit this station you feel proud like the king Prithwi Narayan Shaha( The first king from the Shaha dynasty in Nepal). According to the legends this place related to him and the two storey Nepali style temple Bhaleswor Shiva Temple. Mid of the 17th century the king Prithwi Narayan Shaha was walking through this hill. During that period he was ruling in Gorkha state and he was going towards the Makawanpur and he had seen the beautiful scenery of Kathmandu valley and its beauty attracted him, himself he imagined that became a king of the Kathmandu Valley. Before the conquered of Kathmandu valley during his unification campaign of Nepal he worshiped the Bhaleswor temple for the success of the war. We have different kinds of temple architectures among them Pagoda or Nepali Style temple is erecting as a Shiva Temple. During the Mahashivaratri festival (Night of Shiva), Teej festival (festival of women) and other Hindu festivals the more Hindu devotees often visit Bhaleswor temple to show homage to the God Shiva.

This place is not only for young people but for the child also. For the children’s there is all the sports activities and the more game platform around there. Chandragiri Hills Station is one of the best hiking destination. From the Kathmandu city, the visitors can do half day or full day sightseeing at Chandragiri Hills Station. For the tour visitors can go via in the AC tourist car or bus and then they can see the more things than they imagine. Because there is the more facilities like; restaurants, Hotels, Beer bar and branded shopping center too. The visitors can go as per their lisure time then they can enjoy breakfast, lunch and many more. To reach the Chandragiri one can go via cable car or through the AC car. There is different ticket amount for the visitos, for the Nepali Citizenship and for the foreigners. For the luxurious stay, soon there is going to lunching the Boutique Resort where one can do not only hiking but meditation too. Where one can be fresh forever and they can live the more year ahead. It is really open space for the meditation. Following the sounds of birds and wind one can meditate. From there one take beautiful images for the memory of their life.

For understanding the opening time, tickets and distance from the different places you can see below.

Tickets Prices→

  Nepalese SAARC Chinese Foreigners
One-way Npr.415 Npr.664 $ 9 $ 13
Two ways 700 1120 $ 15 $ 22


Time →

Monday to Friday   9:00 am to 7:00 pm

Public Holiday & weekends 8:00 am to 7:00 pm

Distance from →

Kathmandu (thamel) →15 km,  Patan → 14 km,  Bhaktapur  → 27 km.