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Paragliding in Nepal is one of the major sports activities in Nepal specially in Pokhara city is a fantastic place to take part in paragliding. We all of us we have hundreds of experience in doing different activities such as, trekking and travel experience, hiking experience, expedition experience, singing and dancing experiences, jungle safari and horse riding and elephant riding and many more but take part in the flying in the sky with the experience paragliding guide is one of the sweet experience in life.

Scrolling in somewhere in the land is a different experience but scrolling in the blue sky is unique and memorable moments in life. Seeing from the sky below is really adventure sports and when one takes part in this paragliding activities it will be exciting and adventurous. In Nepal, there is more place which is suitable for the paragliding among them Pokhara Sanagkot, Godawari, Bandipur, Chapakharka, Phulchoki, and Kot danda are the suitable paragliding spot for the paragliding in Nepal. In the world there is more place for paragliding in Nepal Pokhara is one of the best place because of its landscape and weather. Flying in the sky and seeing the beautiful lake, nature, mountains, greenery hills and landing on the beach of the Phewa lake is one of the great moments in life.

Fly towards the sky on thermals overlooking the snowcapped mountains and emerald lakes like nowhere else in the planet. With experienced pilots at your disposal, select from adventurous tandem flights to fully certified paragliding courses, solo flights, and even go paragliding with the hawks.

With soaring mountains and low-lying valleys, the Himalayan nation offers some of the best paragliding experiences in the world with its natural and frequently produced rising thermals. Practiced in Nepal since 1995, the sport has only gone from strength to strength. Here you can come as a novice and leave with several flying hours under your belt. Whether you are a seasoned pilot or a beginner excited for your first tandem flight, flying alongside the ferocious hawks and close to silver peaks is an experience that will last you a lifetime. You can fly with international pilots, tandem or solo, and benefit from the local knowledge going acro flying or cross country! You can even get you international license here in Nepal.  While paragliding is now practiced across several vantage points across the country, the most popular destination is the Lake city of Pokhara, followed by the majestic Annapurna region and the regal Kathmandu Valley.