Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

1 Day


Less-frequented in comparison to national parks of Chitwan and Bardiya, KoshiTappu Wildlife Reserve is a hidden wildlife gem from Eastern Nepal. located in the flood plain of the Sapta-Koshi in Saptari, Sunsari, and Udayapur districts, it spans over the area of 175 square kilometers. Characterised mainly by tall grassland vegetation, it was primarily established to conserve wild buffaloes (Arna), but is home to fabulous wildlife and bird species.

Here in the rectangular shaped reserve, you can observe several exotic wildlife species in their natural habitat during an exciting jungle safari trip. You’ll be able to witness animals like hog deer, sloth bear, wild boar, rhesus monkey, barking dear and many more. But, the experience that KoshiTappu is most famous for is Birdwatching. There are total 290 different bird species – native and migratory – recorded in the reserve which makes it any birdwatcher’s paradise. Although the smallest one amongst Nepal’s national parks, it is undoubtedly finest. In addition to the jungle experience, on a clear day, the national park also offers pleasant views of mountains. Visitors can also travel 5km north to an important religious site called BarahaChhetra, an important religious site for Buddhists and Hindus in Nepal.