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Festival Tour in Nepal

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Being a country of such illustrative and enriching cultures and traditions, it is not surprising that Nepal has more festivals than the days in a calendar year. There is at least a festival or procession being carried out in some corner of the country every day. They say, the best way to get under the skin of a place is to celebrate its festival. That is especially true in case of Nepal, where every festival is celebrated with such zeal, enthusiasm, and authenticity that it will leave an imprint in your mind forever.

Well, luckily, since the country celebrates festivals throughout the year, it is not hard to schedule your visit around these celebrations. Be it celebrating a month-long festivals of Dashain and Tihar or saturating in colors the colorful festival of Holi, be it getting high during the festival of Shivaratri or being a part of medieval chariot processions in Kathmandu valley, Nepalese festivals guarantee you the best and most unique experiences during your Nepal stay. Other than that, you can also be part of festivals that are exclusive and scpecillay celebrated in selected refgions of Nepal, like, the Tiji festival in Mustang, Ram Nawami in Janakpur and so on.


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  • Season: All season except July & August (wet season)