Nepal Trekking Season

Nepal is a country of geographical diversity. With this typographical diversity from mountain to hill to Terai, Nepal has diversity in weather and climate. Nepal has the deepest gorge or valley to the highest peak in the world. We really do not go for trekking in the Terai region. But we have two popular national parks: Chitwan National Park and Bardiya National Park in plain areas. Except for jungle safari in these two national parks, we do not carry out our holiday trip to the plain part of Nepal. Nepal has basically four climatic seasons but Spring (Mar-May) and Autumn (Sept-Nov) season are the best Nepal trekking season.

The list of best Nepal Trekking season with four climatic seasons as follows;

Spring (Mar-May): Spring season is pleasant in Nepal. New blossoms appear. New migratory birds are found chirping melodiously in the surrounding. The flowering and non-flowering plants are deep green and it is the time to get new joy and refreshment in Nepal. Most importantly, the entire trekking hills are covered with flowering rhododendron which is magnificent to capture. Moreover, the breathtaking mountain panorama will be invited to capture in the cameras. So that, the majority of trekkers loves to trek in Nepal in spring after Autumn season. One of the challenges of trekking in Nepal in spring is the hot temperature. Otherwise, the spring season is the second best Nepal trekking season for Travellers.

Summer (Jun-August): Nepal has massive rainfall in this season. In fact, it is hard to travel one to another place because of landslides and flooding. Even the lower mountain parts get rainfall in this season. We mostly have cloudy weather. Visibility is poor. But if those who love to travel in the rain, love to play with rain in the mountain still can trek in Nepal. But, we do not really recommend to trek in Nepal in summer.

Autumn (Sept-Nov): Autumn if the best time or the Nepal trekking season of the year to travel in Nepal. We have a perfect climate: neither hot nor cold, moderate. The rain has stopped. Still, the forest is lush and deep green. Creeks and rivers have crystal clear water. The valleys are picturesque. The mountain peaks are breathtaking. We do not really feel cold during our trek in the mountain. And also we do not have much snow. Thus, 90% tourists who make their trekking in Nepal choose autumn to travel in Nepal.

Winter season (Dec- Feb): Winter is cold in Nepal. Even the mountain regions get heavy snowfall. It is hard to cross the high passes to accomplish our adventure trek in Nepal. It is hard to move from one to another because of chilling cold. The life in the mountain regions is more complicated due to cold and snowfall. However, some shorts treks can be done during in winter season too.

However, every kind of tour program is organized throughout the year in Nepal. No change in season disrupts tour programs in Nepal.