langtang region trekking

Langtang Region Trekking

December 26, 2018
Travel Guide

The Langtang region trekking is located on Langtang national park. It’s first Nepal’s Himalayan National park and established in 1970. The park is quite close to the north of the Kathmandu valley and yet stretches up to the Tibetan Border Mountains then as well as the entire Langtang trekking. It is included to the south the upper parts of culturally rich Helambu. The Langtang trek starts with a 6-hour scenic and picturesque drive up from Kathmandu to Sybrubesi. The Langtang region trekking entre to small areas of sub-tropical forest bellow 1,000 m, Oak and maple forest then pine and firs trees, alpine scrub with animal grazing to finally moraine glaciers with snow-capped high Himalaya peaks.

The Langtang trekking is a naturally and culturally fascinating trekking region of Nepal Himalaya trekking with the home of several ethnic groups. The majority of people are Tamang in lower parts of the region but upper parts have inhabitant with Tibetans and Sherpa in Helambu.   The Langtang region trekking is one of the most 3rd popular trekking destinations in Nepal trekking, after Annapurna region trekking and Everest region trekking. The Langtang region trekking has many more choice of the short trek to moderate- long adventurous trekking routes as well as popular peak climbing in Nepal according to travelers interests.

The list of four most popular trekking trails of Langtang region as follows:

  1. Langtang valley trek.
  2. Langtang Gosaikunda Trek.
  3. Tamang heritage trekking.
  4. Helambu cultural trekking.

How to get to Langtang region from Kathmandu?

Langtang trekking is directly connected by the road, it’s 1,18 km drive from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi via Trisuli and it approximately takes about 6-8 hour, depending upon road condition. Either can drive by public bus or private vehicle to Syabrubesi from Kathmandu but we recommend to drive by more comfortable private vehicle then crowded public bus.

What is the best season for Langtang trek?

Trekking to Langtang region is year-round trek routes but during the monsoon season ( Jun-Aug) can be very rainy, wet with the very hot and humid weather, due to rain cause landslides and mountain are hidden by the cloud also and very hard to trek up there. In winter season also be very cold night but usually nice weather with sunny during the day and often snowfall higher parts of the region. Spring season (Sept- Nov) and autumn season (Feb-May) are the best seasons to trekking in Langtang region.

What is expecting from Langtang trek?

  • All food and accommodation Available everywhere entire the Langtang region, so you don’t need to carry it at all.
  • Expect to pick up the food item mentioned in the menu by guesthouse or teahouse.
  • Expect to wait for the food for some time.
  • Expect to Share accommodation too sometimes but not all the time and places all entire the Langtang region.
  • Meet with friendly local people and chance to explore their local live hood.
  • You need to share the bathroom or toilet with other people.
  • Expect to walk 4-8 hours a day and you will be climbing 100-400 meter high in a day on average.
  • Expect to hit the virgin country trail hard. Expect to meet friendly and beautiful people in the Langtang areas.
  • Expect to witness stunning mountain peaks.

What is the difficulty level of Langtang trek?

 Langtang Region has easy-moderate trek to some long adventurous trek also but someplace trek routes have a several steeply ups and down on higher altitude. We have to good level of stamina of walk average 4 – 8 hour a day and gain altitude ascends and descends 300-800m a day in the elevation. But before heading to Langtang trek, we recommend better to do jogging, walking, short day hiking and normal exercises which enhance you stamina to hiking in the mountain. Normally for Langtang trek, we don’t need much skill and experiences as other region trek. It’s very suitable for beginners we only require an average or moderate level of fitness to break up the trek and make your trip enjoyable.


What trek equipment is requiring for Langtang region trekking?

Langtang region trekking is not that difficult trek in Nepal but it has a lot of short and easy trek to adventure trekking trail. Pick the trekking trips as your choice and available travel schedule. You really don’t need to carry that much trek equipment but better to have enough equipment for your own safety. Required equipment for Langtang region trekking as follows:

Personal Toiletries, a moderate size day pack or rucksack to carry your personal belonging that’s is travel documents, water bottles, camera, wallets, maps, journey/notebooks, cell phones, light jackets or fleece insect repellent as per the season.

Running/sports shoes, good pair of boots, warm woolen/cotton socks, snow gaiters, rain/windproof gear, walking poles an option, personal medication, binoculars an option, T-shirts, long sleeve shirts, trousers (while entering temples and monasteries) sunscreens, torch/flashlights.

Gloves, Woolen Beni (camp) Sun Hats, Sun/snow glasses, water bottles are necessary (try to avoid plastic bottled waters as they make litters which is hard to recycle in Nepal) use the same waterfalls for refills where available. Scarf or mask to avoid dust and smokes.

On trekking, bigger kit/duffel bags are carried by porters/pack animals (yaks, mules or ponies) which include your heavy personal gear that is sleeping bags, down / duvet jackets and the items that you do require during daytime on walks till designated campsites/lodge.