Kathmandu World Heritage Tour

The capital city of Kathmandu is the cultural and political heart of the Nepal.  Kathmandu (1340) is a capital city of  Nepal  it is an ancient city where you can see 7 world heritage sites including the 3 durbar squares in this valley. Which is very popular among the visitors/foreigner because of its architecture?  It was developed by the different Malla kings who ruled here in different periods. Kathmandu Valley is very famous for the sightseeing like cultural and architectural tour, Art and heritage lovers tours, seekers of peace and spirituality tours, for the meditation, Shopping, adventures games and many more.  It is very famous for different religious. It is holy and sacred place for Hinduism and Buddhist. It is an ancient city where we can explore or discover the ethnic group of Newar culture and architectures. Whose art skills are we can see from close on  the wooden struts at beautiful Temple in ChanguNarayan Temple, Pashupatinath Temple Nyatapole Temple of Bhaktapur Durbar Square etc. After then we can see also stone made temple Krishna Temple in Patan city (City of Arts) and metal and bronze art  in the Patan and Bhaktapur city.

The Place is also a center of faith for people from different religious background. The Changu Narayana temple, Pashupatinat Temple, Dakshinkali Temple, Krishna Temple, Bajrayogini Temple, Surya Binayak Temple are considered as holy and sacred temple for Hindus and Bouddhanath, Showambhunath, Kathesimpu stupas are very famous for the Buddhist devotee. For the Christian and Muslim devotee also built many Church and Jame Mosque in different part of the Katmandu valley. Being the capital city of Nepal it is a commercial and education centre of the country. Here in Kathmandu valley we can taste or see different types of national and local festivals which falls in the every month. According to the Nepal calendar the whole year we celebrates different festivals in Kathmandu. The local festivals and rituals reflects the uniqueness of local Newar communities of Kathamandu Valley make the city the more attracting to the visitors.

Not at all we can  see the different architecture which is very famous to the visitors. Here we can see various type of beautiful architecture among them Pagoda style (Nepali style), Shikhra Style, Stupa ( Chaitya) Style are the very popular in the kathamandu valley. They are perfect and unique all over the Nepal. Changu Narayan Temple and Nyatapole temple of Baktapur, Pashupatinath of Kathmandu are the very famous and popular design of Pagoda Style. Bouddhanath and Soyambhunath are the perfect architectures of Stupa or chaitya Style. Krishna temple and Batsala temple are the perfect design of Shikhara style. Aboute the Harmiya Style, the Kumari house of Hanumandhoka durbar Square of Kathmandu is the very popular among the tourist in Kathmandu valley. ChanguNarayan Teplme is considered the oldest temple of Nepal history and it is related to the main principle God Bishnu. From where we can understand the whole history of Nepal.