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From USA and Malaysia

Himani Tidke, Keshore, Zeena & Yin Fanny Group

25th April 2015, I was on day 6 of a 12-day hike to the Everest Base Camp. At 4600mt/15000ft, a day and a half and 700mt away from the final destination, a massive earthquake of 8.2 magnitude struck killing over 9000 people.Shyam’s ( our guide’s a.k.a our rockstar’s) happy smiling face and words of encouragement kept us safe and motivated to walk down to safety and back home. There is so much I learned from him and the Nepalese. I can’t wait to go back to the Himalayas and its people.

While Nepal is rebuilding and the trails have reopened, Shyam Situala has started his own trekking company. A good business owner starts building when the markets are down.

I highly recommend Sitaula Shyam and his new company Teamhimalaya


Pawel and Jola Kotarba

clients reviewsI and my wife met with Shyam Sitaula in 2008 year at our common first trekking to Annapurna Base Camp.He was not only our guide , but our hospitality and friendly guardian from early wake –up to late evening. After 8 years  of ours connections we can say that he to become our perfectly trekking guide and (it is importance ) ours  great friend. In this time we made 3 common trekkings  from 10 days to near 5 weeks trek  ( ABC , EBC with Gokyo , classic Annapurna Circuit  – all based on own plans ).We made with him also another trips in Nepal after trekking.Always all things are excellent  organized and all time we were in safe hands .But the great addition value to ours trekking was his friendly care in each moment of trekking and our long afternoon talks. We think that his new trekking business will be perfectly made and ours next trekking in 2016 we prepare and make with Shyam Sitaula and his agency.
United Kingdom

Tony Clarke, Kent

I have been very lucky to have trekked both the Annapurna Circuit and Langtang with Ganesh as my guide and we have become good friends.He is always very careful to make sure you are healthy and well fed everyday whilst trekking and any problems or concerns you may have, he sorts out immediately.

I can’t wait to get back in the mountains trekking with him!

Sew, Lau, Lim & Jas, Sew, Lau, Lim & Jas

clients reviewsNamaste!!!!A group of 4 of us have joined the Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) trek in April 2014 which gave us a totally different and amazing trekking experience. We started our trek with anxiety and insecurity, worried of not being able to finish the trek or the most scary altitude sickness. Thank God that we have engaged with the team Himalaya who has made our trek so memorable and successful. Ganesh is a very experience guide who is caring, helpful, friendly and responsible. He explained all the details that we need to know before we started the trek, prepared us with the best way to avoid altitude sickness (even ready with medicine if in need), continuous encouragements whenever we were exhausted and felt like giving up, and even there’s one time my hand accidentally touched a plant with thorns and swallowed, he quickly got me some kind of leaves for curing, and it WORKED!

4 of us enjoyed our trek along the way with superb fascinating scenary and nature. 2 of our cute and nice potters who carried our 60kg of luggages are always ahead of us. We can be trekking under the sun, in rain and hail within a day and what a great experience to make us a stronger person.

Remembered when we were approaching the 2nd last stop of ABC (Machhapuchchhre Base Camp), it was snowing heavily that we can’t even see the trek in front. I was dragging my extremely tired and cold body to the next stop while Ganesh was rushing up to take care of me, guided me to the stop then rushed down again to accompany my other friends. He really gave us his best which we appreciated very much!

There’s one time we passed by the avalanche area and heard the sound of it coming. Ganesh with his great trekking experience guided us through safe and sound. While we came down from ABC, snowy melting trek made it very slippery. Ganesh was the one who used his hands and stick to “make” stairs in the snowy mountain for my friend who almost falling down the way to trek down safe and steady.. and i know she was so touched!! ^_^

There’s another enjoyment when trekking with team Himalaya.. that’s the delicious and “eat all your can” meals where we were looking forward every hours!! We learned Nepalise song from our guide and potters and play games with them after a day trek!

In short, this trek was superb and we were blessed to have engaged the right company for a very successful trek in life!! Thank you very much!

Hagen Klee

The decision to spend our vacation in Nepal was actually pretty easy. For me it was the fifth time to climb the summit of a mountain in Nepal. The Trek to Gokyo RI wasn’t the longest but one of the most beautiful and an amazing experience i wouldn’t miss. The Country, the people, the landscape and the way of life they have is impressive. It wasn’t for sure not the last time i was there. Raj shows us his place, introduce us to his family and friends and all the time he was a good guide and a good friend who keeps care of us. Laudable was the good preparation of the tour, the knowledge about the country and caring efforts to fulfill all our desires.Thanks Raj for the great time we had. Hopefully we will see us again soon (-:

Nick Rogillio & Mike Rogillio

My son Nick and I spent 7 days trekking with Raj. He is very knowledgeable about the mountains and local culture. I had a tendency to try to go too hard and fast and wear myself out. Raj was a tremendous help for me by walking in front of me and slowing my pace even though I could tell it an awkwardly slow pace for him. Raj also helped us when we had to make changes to our flights and helped us tour the city. We had an once-in-a-lifetime incredible experience in Nepal!