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Mardi Himal Trek Guide

May 18, 2019Travel Guide

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The Mardi Himal Trek is incredible new trekking route situated in Annapurna region. The Mardi himal Trek has formally opened since year of 2011 and it has became the famous trek destination in Nepal, within the Annapurna region. Now it’s so popular hiking destination in Nepal, like other major treks in the Annapurna region. Mardi Himal Trek is not only popular for spectacular Mountain views, it’s so famous for the very rich diverse, local unique culture, way of the local’s live hood and this trek through the incredible lush green valley to rocky snow-capped mountain terrain.
The Mardi Himal Trek is also known as Machhapurchere (Fish tail) model trek on the off the beaten trekking trails with the very beautiful wilderness trekking experiences in Annapurna region. It’s. It’s also considered to be a best scenic and an exotic trekking destination in Nepal. Its starts with trekking through the beautiful lush green forests, colorful rhododendron woodland to steep rocky landscape and snow covered high mountain terrain. Some time entire the region, can be expect to walk on the snow as reached the  high mountain areas, and depending on which time of year trekker’s has visited this areas.
The Mardi Himal trek can be complete either short period holiday in Nepal or long holiday, it depending on the hiker’s own interest and requirements. Average this trek can be done between 5- 9 days, depending on the available Holiday schedule and own requirements also.
    Spectacular views of Mardi Himal, Machhapuchhre (Fishtail), Annapurna and Himchuli,Mardi Himal Base camp, High camp, and Low camp.
    Less crowded wilderness trekking in Nepal.
    Scenic landscape and beautiful rhododendron forests.
    Sunrise and sunset mountain views.
    Breathtaking panorama of Annapurna Himalaya ranges.
    Local lifestyle and cultural trekking in Nepal.
    Beautiful terraced fields and home stay.
    Friendly and hospitable people of the mountain region.
    Wonderful experiences of Mardi Himal Trekking.

Facts of Mardi Himal Trek
    Trip standard: hotel/lodge basis/Teahouse/home stay.
    Trek Grade: moderate to high hills.
    Trek duration: 05- 09 days.
    Highest point: 4500 meters at Mardi Himal Base Camp.
    Best trip Seasons: All season, except Mid-June to August.

Trip itinerary of Mardi Himal Trek
Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu (1300 m) and transfer to hotel.
Day 02: Drive to Pokhara (800m) by tourist coach.
Day 03: Drive to Phedi& Trek to PothanaDuerali (1810 m ) – 4 hours .
Day 04: Trek to forest camp (2480 m) -5 hours.
Day 05: Trek to Low Camp (2970 m) – 4 hours.
Day 06: Trek to High Camp (3550 m)-4 hours.
Day 07: Excursion to Mardi Himal Base Camp (4500m) – 4 hours.
Day 08: Trek to Sidding (1700 m) – 6 hours.
Day 09: Trek to Lumle -3 hours & Drive to Pokhara (800 m) – 2 hours.
Day 10: Drive to Kathmandu -6 hours.
Day 11: Departure from Nepal.

Note– Trip itinerary is very flexible and it can be customized according to your own available holiday schedule or requirements, whether you make your holiday in Nepal either shorter or longer.

Best time to do Mardi Himal Trek
Nepal has four climatic zones with country of geographical diversity and typographical diversity from mountain to hill to Terai, Nepal has diversity in weather and climate also. Nepal is very diverse to the deepest gorge to the world highest peak, Mt. Everest. Spring (Mar-May) and Autumn(Sept-Nov) season are the best time to trekking in Nepal.
1.    Spring season (Mar-May): Spring season is best time to do trek in Nepal. At this season, wild flowers will blossom. Treks makes itself so pleasant and beautiful because of all plants are deep green and blossoming itself. Entire trekking hills are covered with colorful flowering rhododendron and will be visible breathtaking mountain panorama which is magnificent to capture. During the season
Weather is very good with warm \ hot temperature, mostly clear, sunny, days so that many hikers prepare to hiking in Nepal during the spring season.
2.    Autumn (Sept-Nov): Autumn is one of the best trek seasons to holiday in Nepal. During the autumn season, weather is very nice, temperature is perfect. Temperature is neither hot nor cold, moderates. This time of year, rain has stopped and still, the forest is so lush green scenery, stream\river\ waterfalls are crystal clear; the stunning peaks arebreathtaking. Over 50% hikers have choice to visit in Nepal during the autumn season.
Note- However trekker’s can be do this trek during the other season also like summer and winter.

Frequently Ask questions (FAQ) of Mardi Himal Trek:
•    Where is Mardi Himal trekking?
Mardi Himal trek is suited in western part of Nepal and east of Annapurna base camp areas and exactly under the south east of stunning holy Mt. Machhapuchhere (fishtail) 6,997m. The mardi himal trek route start with the low warm areas pasture passing through the spectualar huge lush green forest of colorful rhododendron. Trail continue to the forest then as we reached above 3,000m then trail goes some rocky section trail, from where we can see magnificient view of Mt. Annapurna south, Machhapuchhere ( fish tail) and Mardi Himal. And trekking trail continue to low camp, perhaps it’s the best advantage view  point for Nepal Trekking, especially sunset and sunrise mountain views are so impressing.

•    Is Mardi himal trek is safe?
Yes, Mardi himal trek is safe and you easily get accommodations and food everywhere, trekking trail is very well defined, people are so kind, helpful, and friendly. Now, we don’t have conflicts and all sorts of conflicts are settled peacefully and promulgated new constitution for Nepal.  People rights now have clear rights and duties and move accordingly. Nepal doesn’t have any political and religious violence right now.

•    How is food and accommodation look like in Mardi Himal Trek?
All entire the Annapurna region, it is easy to get accommodation and food, nowadays we really don’t need to carry on food and accommodation stuff, everything are available. As we reach low forest camp, to be honest we will get just normal accommodation on sharing basis along with sharing bathroom as well but teahouse is well enough neat and clean.
Nepal is very famous with typical local meals, which is very hygienic. you will enjoy fresh and organic meals items in Mardi Himal trek within the Annapurna region. Hotel keeper serve you the every description of meals items, so you can picked from the food menu whatever you like, which is prepared by Hotel management community.  It’s very common to get all kind of dishes from the guest house but better to have local fresh dishes like Dalbhat, Bread, pancake, Noodles, potatoes and Dumplings etc…

•    What Mountain expects to see from Mardi Himal Trek?
Mardi Himal trek is hidden gem of the Annapurna region itself with awesome snow-capped mountain views. The views of silver mountain peaks are so spectacular as we reach low camp and high camp, and incredible mountain views of Annapurna south (7219m), Mardi Himal, Himchili (6440m), and magnificent view of Mt. Machhapuchhere (fishtail 6997m).

•    What can we expect to the Mardi Himal trekking?
We easily get all food items and accommodation from tea house\ home stay. Expect to pick up the food item mentioned in the menu by guesthouse or tea house. Expect to wait for the food for some time. Expect to Share accommodation too sometimes but not all the time. You need to share the bathroom or toilet with other people. Expect to walk 4-8 hours a day and you will be climbing 4-500 meter high in a day in average. Expect to hit the virgin country trail hard. Expect to meet friendly and beautiful people in the mountain. Expect to witness breathtaking mountain peaks.

•    How is difficulty level of Mardi Himal Trek?
Mardi Himal Trek is considered as a short and easy moderate trekking in Nepal and sometime low land, as short and very easy walking through the deep lush forests of rhododendron with breathtaking views of mountain head of the valley. And as you cross around 3,000m  then trail became the few rocky section trail with spectacular snow covered silver peaks.  It takes you to Mardi Himal Base camp, which is located at 4,500 m. This is the highest spot of this trek. If you have some trekking experience and skill then you can do it without any problem. However, short hiking and trekking experiences will be an asset to it. These experiences will enhance your level of stamina

•    How long will we walk on an average day’s trekking in Mardi Himal trek?
Particular trekking itinerary is designed with special attention on walking pace and hours in a day. Normally, trekkers have to walk 4-8 hours in a day. This walking hours includes our lunch time too. We spend about an hour for lunch in the middle of the trip in the afternoon at around 12-1 pm.

•    What kind of weather do we expect during the Mardi Himal trekking?
Normally, mountain weather will be cold. The temperature in the mountain will ranges between  4-18 degree Celsius. But sometimes, even it gets colder like -3 or -4. The weather in the mountain may have a sudden change. In shorter treks, we do not really get snowfall but in longer trekking, we have sometimes heavy snowfall during winter. So, we need to be ready to adjust in this weather in the mountain. Even, we sometimes, have rainfall too.

•    What is the number requirement of Mardi Himal trek?
Even the single individual can make or do trek to Mardi himal. It does not mean that we cannot handle the big groups. We even offer an opportunity to do any kind of our featured trekking trips to a single individual. Some people really do not want to join with group. We understand it. We will divide the bigger groups into different smaller groups with no more than 10 members in a group so, that our leader or guide can take care of them properly.

•    What type of insurance do we need to have before coming to Mardi himal trek in Nepal?
You need to have a travel insurance which covers your rescue or evacuation and all medical expenses. It requires in case you are to be evacuated from the mountain due to any sudden injury or sickness during your trip. Sometimes we have to face altitude sickness or some fall due to slippery or steep trail in the mountain. Thus we need to be well prepared for this before coming to Nepal. We must be sure that our travel insurance covers all these sudden incidents. It is for your safety

•    Is Mardi Trek as known as wilderness trek?
Trekking into the core wild nature where there is no human settlement is known as wilderness trek. Wilderness trekkers can have the most natural flavor of nature. The complete bliss getting into the core nature and celebrate freedom is absolutely perfect experience. Nepal offers different kinds of wilderness trekking such as Manaslu Trekking, Makalu Trekking, Kanchenjungha Trekking . Mardi Himal trek is sorts of wilderness trek route in Nepal.

•    How high can I get during the Mardi Himal Trek?
Mardi Himal Trek is one of the best advantage spot in Annapurna region. 4,500 m is the highest elevation in Mardi Himal trek at the Mirdi Himal base camp, that will be highest point ever you will get during the Mardi Himal trek.

•    What should I bring myself?
You should bring all your personal equipment like clothing, small backpack bag, jacket, fleece, t-shirt, Thermo coat, hat, gloves, socks, good hiking or trekking boots, sun glasses, sun cream etc. If should also bring charger or power bank with you in case there is no power in the mountain. It occasionally happens. If you want some pastimes, you can bring some books.

•    Can I get any Communication battery charging during the Mardi Himal trek?
This area has good coverage of communication network. Many hikers will buy local Sim card like NT and N CELL to access network in their phone. It does also possible to buy a data pack for internet access. Which help to connect with family and friends etc…  And mostly the places, you easily get the WIFI service also.
In Annapurna region power supply from the local hydroelectricity power plant or somewhere, in the upper part of region local use solar power also. Hotel keeper provides the facility to the trekkers for the battery charging, lighting inside the room with either solar power or hydroelectricity.

•    What are the best time to come to Nepal for trekking and adventure?
Nepal has basically four climatic seasons: Winter (Dec- Feb), autumn (Sept-Nov), summer (June-Aug) and spring (March-May). Winter and summer are not supposed to be good times to travel in Nepal. In winter, we have heavy snowfall in the mountain and we have heavy rainfall during summer. Autumn is the best time travel in Nepal because the weather is pleasant and mountain views are breathtaking. People also love to travel in Nepal during spring because they love to see beautiful flowering rhododendron amidst alluring mountain peaks. So, Spring and autumn are the best times to Trekking in Nepal.

•    Can I trek in the Mardi Himal if I haven’t done any trekking before?
Yes, we can trek in the Himalayas even if you haven’t done any trekking before. First, you should try the trekking below 3,000 m. You won’t get any health hazards below 3000 m. If you have good level of stamina of hiking 4-8 hours in higher elevation in the mountain, you can other challenging trekking too. But before heading to the trail head, we recommend you to do jogging, short day hiking and normal exercises which enhance you stamina to hiking in mountain. Further, if you have any kind of serious sickness, consult doctor before heading to the trekking trail.

•    Are the foods and water in the lodges and camps hygienically standard?
Yes, the foods and the water you are going to have are hygienically standard. All foods items are locally produced or grown. They are fresh, hygienic and organic too. You will certainly have a quite different flavor. And the water is safe to drink. The water either is boiled or you are provided bottled water which his well purified. But do not try water from the creek or river. Your tummy sometimes, may not adjust with the water and food in the mountain. In this case, you should be very watchful. Sol, be with some general medicine which helps you tummy to adjust with the food in the mountain.

•    How much does it cost to Mardi Himal Trek?
Numerous trek\ tour company offers the many different trip cost but to be honest the cost of Mardi himal trip differs as the service, mode of accommodation, quality of service, No. of group size etc…If you choose full board package trip 5-9 days it cost roughly around $400- $850 per person and full board package trip Including with Guide, porter, all meals, accommodation, ground transportation, all applicable Annapurna conservation project permit, Tims card and guide porter food accommodation, equipment, salary, daily wages etc… during the trip.
It’s possible to do this trek by own your own but we highly recommend to do trek with either guide or porter for always safe hand and they will help during the trip. Trekker’s have many more option to complete the Mardi himal trek by them self, it is also possible to hire either guide or porter, who looking for budget basis hike around Mardi Himal in Annapurna region trekking. The cost of hiring guide and porter as follows: Guide hiring cost – $30 per day and porter hiring cost : $20 per day.
Several trek agency offers the various trip packages to the hikers to completed the Mardi Himal trek with lifetime memorable holiday in Nepal, mostly the trek company can offer the full-board packages, non package ( guide porter hiring service) trip, half package trip etc… according to Traveler’s own interest and requirements, so cost also can be slightly different each other. 

•    Can I do Mardi himal trek with full board packages?
Of course! You can do full board package trip to Mardi Himal,  if you do full board package trip everything are includes i.e all food, accommodation both city and mountain, porter, all ground transportation, permits, Tims card and an experience and professional government authorized licensed holder guide or leader will lead you in the mountain.  He/she know the local culture, flora and fauna and the mountain peaks very well. He/ she have very professional knowledge about the entire region. He/she will arrange all the accommodation, transportation. 
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