Trekking in Nepal explicitly denotes the trekking in holy Himalayas. In other words, trekking in the unspoiled and sacred land of culturally and naturally enriched land witnessing spellbinding natural and cultural beauties like snow-fed peaks, waterfalls, unique species of flora and fauna, astonishing valley and landscape, picturesque settlement and terraced farmland, religious and historical sites, idols monuments etc…

Trekking in Nepal undoubtedly offers you an entire and holistic insight of Nepalese culture, civilization and history from the time immemorial.

Nepal offers you a wide range of trekking trails which are considerably popular across the globe. Thousands of travellers from different nationalities and ages choose to make trips in Nepal especially to witness breathtaking snow-capped peaks including the top of the world, Mt. Everest. Basically, Nepal offers two types of trekking short and easy and long and strenuous. Short trekking trips end from 4 to 7 days and long trekking trips end from 10 to 18/22 days. The trekking programs fundamentally are organized in two ways i.e. Tea house and camping treks. These days, tea house trekking is very popular among the travellers since they can conveniently get the accommodation and food in the guest house in mountain.

The best season to make Nepal Trekking is between Mid sept – Mid December and Mid Feb – Mid May. However, short and easy  trekking and hiking can be organized all round the year. Thus, making trekking trips to Nepal is achieving lifetime experience in the wonderland of natural and cultural beauty.