Trekking in Nepal is a great way to observe the perfect blend of nature, culture, and spiritualism. Trekker’s paradise Nepal provides us with an opportunity to immerse into a very different culture and explore the distinct mix of spectacular forests, mountains trails, and spiritual interest. If you fancy historic villages on the lap of giant mountains, hidden valleys, colorful cultures, and ancient lifestyle, Nepal trek is the ultimate choice for you.

Nepal is a wonderland featuring picturesque sceneries and friendly people. Trek in Nepal takes us through marvelous natural settings and the traditional villages with ancient architecture & culture. Explore the dramatic landscapes while trekking in Nepal’s hidden valleys.

The Himalayan country is home to 8 of the tallest mountains in the world, dense forests, and raging rivers. 33 mountains in Nepal is declared as ‘trekking peaks’: some need climbing experience and some does not. Apart from this, there are hundreds of trekking route in Nepal and every route has something new and unique to offer. Nepal trek offers a chance to witness a rare flora, fauna, and pheasants.

Depending upon your choice, you may embark into easy to strenuous trek as Nepal offer all most all grade of trekking. While some treks are easy few requires physical and mental stamina. If we trek in highlands, we will be rewarded with the vistas of magnificent mountains and hills and the lowland trek provides us with an opportunity to stroll around the mystical forest and historic villages. People of any age group can be part of Nepal trek.

Annapurna region, Everest region, Mustang region, manaslu region and Langtang region has earned the recognition worldwide for trekking however there are many other trekking trails boasting epic sceneries and opportunities.

Most of the trails are well marked and maintained. Villages host lodges catering basic services to trekkers. Since the trail will be filled with trekkers we see the trekkers from all around the world.

Trekking in Nepal is a feast one should not miss. It’s an opportunity to submerge into the spiritual richness of temples, monasteries, and culture.

Depending on the trek destination one can embark into the Nepal trek throughout the year; Some areas are best to navigate in winter while some areas offer the best experience in spring. In the monsoon, we can trek in the rain shadow regions like Mustang and Dolpo.