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Limi Valley Trekking Nepal’s Wild West .

Trekking in Nepal’s wild west to Limi Valley near the Tibetan border
on Nepal’s Far North West, an isolated region not often visited by outsiders.
This is the classic caravan route to Tibet on the Trans Himalayan Trade trail to Tibet with stunning views of  the Far West Himalayan  majestic Api & Saiphal mountains. We will also be visiting old traditional villages enriched with Tibetan culture and religion.

Limi Valley Trek , often explored and trekked region in the Far North West close to the border of Tibet’s South West border, few trekking agency takes the challenges operating this area, one of the few companies manages and runs this trip since it was open for outsiders last decade.

Usually people use to go Limi valley trekking with exports camping gears with guides and a team of veteran staff. Limi valley trek offers the excellent experience than normal trekking in Nepal, and limi valley trekking is a major highlight of awesome spot of exploring sight and people living the life as it was for many centuries, visiting and observing its unique culture and traditions which is similar to Tibetan  way of life, the windswept terrain with barren and arid terrain is a great contrast to the white snow capped peaks that dominate the northern border ridgeline. Starting this awesome journey with a scenic flight to Nepal’s Far South West at Nepalgunj city in the warmer area close to Indian border, and then taking another short great flight to the mid hill of Northern area of Humla where this fascinating trekking begins on the caravan trail to the border of Tibet close to holy Mt. Kailash. Then diverting the route to the high hills and passes leading towards the hidden valley of Humla with amazing scenery of the high snow capped peaks of Api & Saiphal and mountains in Tibet and then slowly heading back to Humla for the flight back to Kathmandu after an amazing trip to Limi Valley Nepal’s Wild West .





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