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Grab Festival Tour in Nepal

Our special festival tour is offered to those who have keen enthusiasm to spend their holiday with festive mood. The months September and October are suitable season to make tour  in Nepal and moreover these two months are also popular for two major Hindu festivals celebrated in Nepal : Dashain and Tihar.

The festival Dashain is celebrated for fifteen days. The commencing day of Dashain is Gatasthapana. For all the fifteen days, the goddess Durga, the goddess of power who killed demon according to ancient Hindu mythology, is worshipped. The followers of Hindu sacrifice he-goat, he-buffalo, he-pig, cock, duck and pigeon and blood is donated to goddess Durga, The most significant day is Vijaya Dashami. On this very day, people from abroad and the country gather in their home and get Tika and Jamara from seniors. They go to their relatives and exchange happiness. One of the major hightlights of Dashain is playing Ping (swing).

The second most popular Hindu festival is celebrated for 5 days. Tihar festival commences worshiping crow. And the second and third day, dog and cow are worshipped respectively. The most special day among five is Vai tika . On this very day Sisters put seven colors tika on brothers forehead and put garland around their neck. At the same time sisters feed different items of dishes to their brothers and brothers offer either gift or money to their sisters. One of the most interesting aspects of Tihar festival is Deusi and Vailo. Deusi and Vailo are cultural celebrations during Tihar with music and traditional songs and dances.

Thus, join with us for a most memorable   tour in Nepal   and have an insight of cultural highlight of Nepal within a short span of time.

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